About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is an evolution of diagnostic and treatment techniques, which stemmed from traditional Chinese medicine, were further developed in Japan and more recently influenced by Western knowledge and therapies.

Its aim is to listen to the body, understand its ways, its potential and support it in its evolution. From an energetic perspective, the practice of shiatsu brings movement and space to support the energy flow of meridians, restoring balance or opening new possible ways of being for the whole body system to integrate.

In more practical terms, the treatment is experienced as comfortable pressures, rotations and stretches. Shiatsu techniques release tensions, promote flexibility and greater range of movement. They support blood and lymphatic circulation and relax the often overactive sympathetic system. The effects can vary and may take place on a number of levels. Often people experience them as deep relaxation, greater bodily alignment, or simply the feeling of “being moved”.